Why We Chose EvenDigit?

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Why EvenDigit

Our Story So Far...

In 2009 a duo with a passion of achieving something unfathomable started off with SEO link building. With the sheer hard work and steely determination, the duo grew from a team of 2 to a full-fledged digital marketing team in a couple of years. Since then our scratch-to-hatch journey has been truly inspiring, exciting and full of experiential learning. We are proud of our gradual evolution as a full-fledged digital marketing agency.

EvenDigit Team

How Our DNA Shaped Us

As an organization, we are built on values; CARE, QUALITY, COMMITMENT & TRANSPARENCY. These are the values that drive us, guide us and serve as catalyzers to achieve short as well as long-term goals. These values are the core to our DNA and makes us what we are today and what we would build to be in the future.

Our Name

EvenDigit stems from these fundamental and intrinsic values. Our name comes from the 2 philosophies we believe in; Fairness and Growth, which are based on the essence of our values.


‘Even’ symbolizes transparency, ethics and honesty in everything we do. ‘Even’ in all ways is Fairness and we believe in whatever we do, we carry it out with full fairness.


‘Digit’ signifies flourishing, evolution and improvement that we constantly strive for and all that could be summarised in one word that is, Growth.

The Actual Meaning Of EvenDigit

Meaning Of EvenDigit

Our Vision

Even at this juncture, when we are one of the leading digital marketing agencies of the country, we still strive to thrive in the ever-expanding and ever-evolving digital marketing realm. This stubbornness to keep learning takes us an extra mile so that we not just meet, but exceed your expectations.

To become one of the most admired digital agencies of the country through constantly delivering much more than expected.

With the new beginning; EvenDigit, we hope for a significant, stronger and a permanent association with you. Tell us about your Digital Marketing challenges here…