Top 25 SEO Tools to Check Your Website Performance

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25 Tools To Enhance Performance

It doesn’t take to be an SEO expert unless you want to optimize your website, to check the performance of it. There are myriads of SEO tools available online, but which one to pick is the biggest question?

Optimization of a website is required because of erroneous factors which result in lower performance of the website such as higher webpage loading speed, mobile unresponsiveness, bad user experience, thin content etc. This eventually affects the ranking of your website in the SERPs. Thus it is imperative to check such various SEO elements which cause your website performance to dive and make necessary changes to fix them.

There are several SEO tools available online for  audit and health check up which help you identify unoptimized factors which cause your website to perform low. But you would wonder, out of a horde of such SEO tools which ones are the best to pick? Here is a list of top 25 SEO tools which could help your website perform better and rank up in SERPs.

To understand these top 25 SEO tools better, we have classified them under different categories.

SEO Campaign Management Tools

1. SEMRush

Used For– Keyword and competitor research
SEMRush is one of the best SEO tools online that offers a myriad of features but it stands out for 2 major aspects; keyword and competitor research. SEMRush gives an in-depth analysis of backlink prospects which suggests where to create backlinks based on extensive competitor analysis. The tool also offers on-page keyword placement recommendations based on the keywords provided by you. It tells you where to use the keywords on the web page such as in the title tag, content, meta description etc. to get the best results.


2. Moz

Used For– Backlinks & Keywords
Model -Freemium
Moz is a fully-loaded SEO tool for website analysis but is exceptionally good at backlink and keyword exploration. It gives you an in-depth analysis of backlinks being used such as the number of backlinks created at the beginning, backlinks added each month, lost backlinks etc. Moz provides a comprehensive position ranking of your keywords and for competitor’s keywords as well. For a quick status on your website performance, MozBar—a search engine extension for Chrome, Yahoo and Bing comes handy which gives metric such as page authority, domain authority backlinks status, number of links, ranking etc.


Used For – Competitor analysis
Model – Freemium
Traffic Travis lets you gather data on a lot of SEO-related information about your website and has integrated functionalities for its data to work with each other. This amazing SEO tool is a complete package which offers full SEO health checkup, unravel technical glitches, does backlinks analysis of competitors, provides with keyword rankings, and suggests respected link partners.

traffic travis

SEO Spider Tools and Link Crawlers

4. Screaming Frog

Used For – On-page Technical Analysis
Model – Free up to 500 URLs

Founded in 2010 Screaming Frog is one of the leading search marketing agency based in the UK. It has a downloadable proprietary in-house SEO tool with the same name. Screaming Frog gives you the most extensive On-page Technical analysis of factors such as page titles, meta description, image and heading optimization,  Hreflang tag and many more. It’s due to all these factors screaming frog is counted among the best SEO tools for website analysis.


Used For – On-page Technical Analysis
Model – Free
Xenu’s Link Sleuth is an amazing SEO tool for checking the status of website links. Link Sleuth thoroughly scans every single webpage, testing every single link of the website. The analysis can be customized with filters and the maximum simultaneous threads can be set. Once the tool finishes checking the website, it generates a plain HTML report. This report has results that enable to check link status on the website.

Xenu Link Tool For SEO

Link Checker Tools

6. Broken Link Checker

Used For – Broken Links
Model – Free
Developed by Atom SEO, Broken Link Checker is a handy extension to check the broken links of your website. The extension scans individual pages and even the whole website and provides a broken links report in a jiffy. The report is generated without installing and running any additional program files and highlight functioning and broken links.

Broken link Checker SEO

On-page Website SEO Health Check-up Tools

7.SEO Site Checkup

Used For – Website health checkup
Model – Freemium
SEO Site Checkup is a one-stop online SEO tool that gives a precise health score of the on-page factors of the website. The check-up shows a preview of passed and failed check-ups and warnings which need immediate attention as well. Scrolling down it gives detailed check-up of factors such as meta title, meta description, SERP preview, keyword cloud, heading tags, sitemap, broken links and many more.

SEO site checkup

Used For – Website health checkup
Model – Free
Optimer’s claim of comprehensively reviewing a website under 30 seconds could be tested anytime and every time it is positive. Just like SEO Site Check-up SEO Optimer also provides scores for on-page factors in the form of grades. Optimer additionally provides you with the number of backlinks and Moz domain authority. Also, the recommendations made by the SEO tool is assigned priority-wise which makes the optimization process smoother.

SEO optimer

Website Speed Testing Tools

9. Google’s Pagespeed Insights

Used For – Website loading speed
Model – Free
The free SEO tool from Google to measure the speed of the website makes the process of checking the website speed very handy. The ad-free UI of the Google tool assign scores for desktop as well as mobile website loading speeds. It classifies the speed score into 3 categories; 90-100 (fast), 50-89 (average) and 0-49 (slow). This amazing speed-test SEO tool also provides recommendations in the form of ‘opportunities’ along with the time that could be saved and ‘diagnostics’ which should be worked on to improve the loading speed.


Used For– Mobile responsiveness of a website
Model – Free
An exclusive tool to measure the speed of a website on mobile devices by Google is an absolutely fantastic tool. A website loading speed on a mobile device can be measured for a specific country and on a specific cellular network technology; 3G or 4G on this tool. This top SEO tool gives the current rating to the website speed as slow, average and fast. Along with the rating it also gives the ‘monthly trend’ by displaying the current status of the speed. Some other amazing features are measuring the mobile page speed of your competitors, the hang of the impact of a faster site, custom fixes to make the mobile pages faster and a free report.

Think with Google

Used For – Website loading speed
Model – Free is an online SEO tool which gives an in-depth speed test analysis which no other tool gives. The tool runs a speed test 3 times and each time gives the loading time of the website along with a waterfall view of the result of the speed. The waterfall results are broken down to milliseconds which are divided across website elements such as DNS, connect, SSL, HTML, js, CSS, image, flash, font, video, other and js execution. With a huge entourage of brands such as Word Press, Go Daddy, Quantil, PC World, and many other big names in the industry, enjoys great patronage from users across the world. .


Used For – Website loading speed
Model – Free
Initially created by in 2009, GT Metrix was remade into what it is, after an overwhelming response it got from its clients. GT Metrix provides grades, type and priority against the recommendations it makes for page speed and for the reasons of slow speed called ‘YSlow’. It also provides a waterfall view result, page load timing, page load video and filmstrip and historical data.

This is the reason that it has made its way into the best SEO tools online.

GT Metrix

Mobile-Friendly testing Tools

13. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Used For – Mobile responsiveness of a website
Model – Free
An exclusive SEO tool by Google, Mobile Friendly tool very crisply tells if a website is mobile-friendly or not by simply denoting either the ’Page is mobile friendly’ in green or the ‘Page is not mobile friendly’ in red. Further exact details could be viewed.

mobile friendly test

Keywords Research Tool

14. Google’s Keyword Planner

Used For – Keyword planning
Model – Free
Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword planning and research tool from Google which is extensively used by SEO agencies across the world. It offers 2 major services; ‘finding new keywords’ and ‘search volume and forecast’. The tool gives new keywords based on the URL of the website or the services and products you offer. Similarly, the Google SEO tool also gives the search volume and other historical metrics for the keywords and the forecast of how these keywords would perform in future.

keyword planner

Used For – Keyword planning
Model – Free
Soovle is  another name in the list of best SEO tools online. It is a customizable engine that unites the suggestion services from some of the major websites and search engines at one place: Google, Bing, Amazon,, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and Youtube. You can make and print a list of the saved suggestions. To check out the list of top internet keywords all you need to do is click the ‘TOP’ icon.


Used For – Keyword planning
Model – Freemium
Uber Suggest is also an SEO tool that is more about keyword planning by world known blogger Niel Patel. Apart from giving keyword ideas, search volume, CPC, content ideas this keyword tool also gives unique results by allocating a score and status to keywords based on the ‘SEO Difficulty’ and ‘Paid Difficulty’.


Content Idea Generating Tools

17. Answer the Public

Used For – Content ideas and keywords
Model – Freemium
A tool that helps you get amazing content ideas to create absolutely compelling content is—Answer the public. As the name suggests, this one of its kind SEO tools helps in generating content ideas by exhibiting riveting visualization of data. This data visualization, in turn, helps in creating valuable, unique and compelling content. Answer the Public provides data visualization in 4 forms; Questions, Prepositions, Comparisons and Alphabeticals. Questions are related to what, why, which, where, can, will, how, who, and when. Based on prepositions the data is visualized as can, is, to, without, with, and for.

Answer The Public

Used For – Content ideas
Model – Freemium
Buzzsumo is a content marketing tool which pulls content from across the internet based on your search. Along with the content, it also gives you the social engagement metric such as FB engagement, Twitter shares, Pinterest shares, Reddit engagement, number of links, and total engagement. Apart from this the SEO tool gives a cumulative score assigned to a content based on the engagement it is getting much after getting published, called as an ‘evergreen score’. You can filter the content based on time period, TLD, language, filter domain, word count and publisher size. Buzzsumo also provides you with the details of influencers such as website link, its page authority, domain authority, Twitter followers, Retweet ratio etc. based on your search.


Used For – Content quality
Model – Free
Siteliner is a free online SEO tool that gives you an in-depth analysis of the content on your website. The tool provides you with information such as page insights, duplicate content, broken links, comparison with other sites based on average page size, average page load time, number of words/page and many more such factors.


Used For – Content quality
Model – Free
Another free tool—Small SEO Tools mainly tells you if your website has plagiarised content. You can either simply paste the content or insert the URL of the page. Apart from plagiarism, the tool tells you your IP details, checks for grammar, image search and counts words.

small SEO tool

Competitor Analysis Tools

21. Ahrefs

Used For – Keyword and competitor research
Model – Freemium
One of the most widely used SEO tools for website analysis is the Ahrefs. A full SEO toolkit, Ahrefs is extensively used to build quality backlinks. It does a complete analysis of backlinks, traffic and keywords of any website. It also offers you to search for the most popular content in your industry, keyword research with keyword difficulty, monthly search volume, CPC etc, content research, rank tracking and web monitoring.


Used For– Backlinks
Model – Freemium
Majestic is a commercial offshoot from Majestic-12 Ltd, a UK-based company founded in 2004. Majestic hosts a web scale link map, detailing the information infrastructure of the web, showing how pages and websites link together. Majestic offers link intelligence and domain metrics to inform and empower Internet marketing professionals and Search engine optimisers. Its way of presenting the information in minute details makes it one of the best SEO tools used online.


Analytics and Reporting Tools

23. Google Analytics

Used For – Analytics
Model – Free
A web analytics from Google, is a great SEO tool that tracks and reports website traffic. It is the most widely used analytics service on the web. It tracks the website activity of the users such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc. along with the information on the source of the traffic

Google Analytics

Used For – Analytics
Model – Free
Previously known as Google Webmaster Tool, GSC allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. Being one of the best SEO tools, it manages users and permissions directly. Moreover, it add sites and validate ownership. It also offers the mobile usability report.

Google search console

Used For – Reporting
Model – Free
Another amazing free SEO tool is Data Studio. Data Studio which is also used for SEM and E-Commerce is used for visualization of Data and unlike Google Analytics you can create customized and interactive reports to meet your requirements. The Google tool is user-friendly and is a part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

data studio