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Lead generation is easy or tough? It’s not less than a riddle for many businesses. Many blame the lack of a decent budget, staff, and resources. Think again! Is it really true?

The world has changed, the marketing approach has changed but, most of the marketers have not changed. Let us find out what are the major challenges:

A Creative Challenge For A Creative Coverage Online

Acquisition of quality leads has become an uphill for many despite the ability of online marketing to attract an audience. Moreover, businesses can’t take the wonderful advantage in its true sense.


  • Generating qualified/potential leads
  • Budget
  • Time constraints
  • Creating appealing content
  • Finding the right channels for promotion
  • Number of resources
  • Follow up framework
  • Competitor practices

Why Does This Happen?

Target Mismatch

If you are seeking attention at the wrong places then, you might end up failing to make your audience learn about your product.

Lack of Process

You may fail miserably if you are suffering from a steady hemorrhage of the right people and the right process to qualify or disqualify a lead.

No Idea of Buyer’s Persona

You cannot sell anything to anybody if you don’t know what your customer thinks of you which can be devastating for your sales.

Lack of Right Strategy

If you miss on the right marketing strategy to fuel your business growth, you may end up targeting over the wrong areas that may prove disastrous for your campaign.

A Comprehensive Solution to Improve Your Potential Leads

As 61 percent of the marketers blame lack of funding to be the major issue in the way of getting quality leads, EvenDigit is here with a free, easy to use, and customizable lead estimator. It would help you determine the number of leads you can generate within a defined budget and monitor the ROI.

How Many Leads You Get That Are Worth Your Effort?

We recommend you a fairly simple calculation. All you need to add is target location, target industry, target service and audience info like Age group, gender to get a quick potential lead estimate. And, there you are….

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