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The beginning of the next decade will see 80% of the internet traffic in the world from video content, and expect it to keep rising by each passing day. One of the in formats of video content today is animated videos. Efficient communication with effective cost gives animated videos rising popularity in digital marketing among brands.


    Why Should I get Animated Videos for my Business?

    Animated video has two most powerful elements of storytelling; Visuals and audio. This makes animated videos a popular marketing medium. Want to get more convinced?


      How we make effective animated videos for you?

      We first set clear objectives of the animated video. That requires us to understand what message you want to convey, your marketing objective, your brand positioning and your target audience.

      What all types of animation videos we can make for you?

      Kinetic Typography video

      So...what’s that? Well kinetic typography in plain language is ‘moving text’! Kinetic typography video is an animation technique that mixes motion and text creating the moving text. Kinetic typography videos are catching up today and more and more brands are opting for this amazing video format to tell their stories.

      2D animation video

      The classic animation format is 2D animation video. The traditional animation skills of our video team can create beautiful and eye-catching 2D animated videos that makes a compelling story.

      Whiteboard Video

      Whiteboard animations are the most popular form of video today. A whiteboard video comes with an explainer script that turns the video into a powerful marketing tool. Our team creates high-quality, effective and impactful whiteboard videos every day.

      Infographic video

      Studies suggest about 90% of the information that we remember was in the form of visuals. Infographic videos are assimilative since they combine images, colors, movement and content that naturally draw the eye. Infographic videos are a combination of various animations to create an informational video which explains the data in an engaging way.

      Cartoon Style or Character Animated Video

      A video style that uses cartoon characters to explain a product or service is a cartoon style or a character animated video. These videos are quite popular as they create a better connection with the viewers.

      Screencast Video

      Another popular video format is screencast This video type is made for educational purposes rather than branding or any other marketing objective. A screencast video captures the video of a desktop or a mobile screen. This type of video is best to be used for demos.

      Logo Animation

      A logo is an insignia for your brand. It is a sign or a symbol that distinguishes your brand from others. We apply high-quality 2D as well as 3D animation to a logo that results in a beautiful finished product that perfectly reflects everything your brand represents.


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        Why I need an animated explainer video for my business?

        Visual is the most impactful thing on our brain and so animation evokes emotions that resonate with the viewers. It makes your audience want to follow your story.

        Can I get the video style changed if I don’t like it?

        Before finalizing the video we send a draft video so that you can verify the style as well as check out the concept. If you do not like the style and want to change it you can very well ask for it.

        Can I see some samples?

        Hit on the link below and you would love what you see

        Can you create video other than English?

        Hola, Bonjour, Ciao! Need a video in your own language? We have a close alliance worldwide with language translators, script writers and VO artists. All you need is to tell us what language you want.

        Can I choose a voice?

        Yes, you can pick the voice you like. We have over 50 professional voice-over artists having different accents.

        How can I get started?

        When you order a gig, you will be able to attach a script or information about your project and your logo in FULL HD or source file if you have. If you want to use your own voiceover, please attach it too. This information will be enough to create an awesome video.

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