The microblogging platform rose to become one of the mainstream social media platforms and today it is placed right next to Facebook in any social media mention. 85% small and medium businesses use Twitter as a platform to offer customer support.


    How Twitter Could Benefit my Business?

    Customer Service

    Twitter through the years has evolved as a great platform for redressing grievances. Today, customers reach out to the Twitter handles of brands to complain and seek redressal. Apart from being a grievance platform, Twitter is a considerably huge stage for laying out customer’s feedback as well. This gives an excellent opportunity for brands to connect to their customers in real-time.

    Appear in Customer’s Feed Twitterati love engaging Reach out to Customers Speed Awareness and Interest

    Multifaceted Ad Objectives

    Twitter offers you Ads which covers a versatile range of Ad objectives you might have for your Ads and campaigns.

    App installs

    Your purpose for an Ad or an Ad campaign might be to get the maximum number of app installations of your new app. Twitter helps you reach out to the target group with an action-driven Ad format for app installations.


    Twitter offers you not only the contemporary medium of Ad media i.e. images, but you could also make Ads in a video as well as a GIF format. These visual formats are much stronger than images.

    App re-engagement

    Re-engagement is one of the important aspects of marketing. A chunk of customers do not respond to the marketing activities at first. For a better engagement, you need to devise a re-engagement strategy with Ads that drive your customers to open and use your App.


    Being at the ‘awareness’ stage of the funnel, Twitter Ads could be one of the best mediums to spread the word. At this stage, Twitter Ads help you maximize the number of followers to your Twitter handle.

    Collection Ads

    The Ad format visually inspires your audience to browse and purchase products. Collections Ads support both images as well as video formats.


    Another way of getting heard at the awareness stage is by drawing engagement on the social media. Twitter Ads help in meeting this objective of more and more people talking about your business with absolute ease.

    Clicks and Conversions

    Apart from App installs, there are other significant actions such as clicks and conversions which bring traffic to your website and revenue to the business. Twitter Ads support this objective by offering you an Ad format with clicks and conversions.

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