Being an exclusive photo-sharing platform, Instagram rapidly gained popularity across the globe. Today, Instagram is one of the most powerful social media advertising platforms with a billion active users. Instagram stands next to Facebook in terms of the number of users.



    How Instagram Could Benefit my Business?

    Visual Content

    Out of all the types of content, visual content is the most stimulating and engaging one. There have been studies carried out which said visual content engages people by over 600%. Instagram is all about visuals; images and videos and it offer you the biggest visual platform on social media for your products and services..

    User Base Higher Brand Engagement Extensive Targeting Hashtags & Visibility

    Instagram Ad Formats

    Instagram as an Ad platform has a wide range of Ad formats that meet your various marketing objectives.

    Photo Ads

    A picture speaks a thousand words. Make an incredible Ad copy with a clean image and a hue of colors.

    Stories Ads

    Stories have become a hit since its launch in mid 2016. Reach out to over 400 million accounts with incredible stories of your product through the Stories Ad format.

    Video Ads

    One of the Ad formats being widely used on Instagram is video Ads. Promote your business with amazing video Ads which could go upto 60 seconds.

    Collection Ads

    The Ad format visually inspires your audience to browse and purchase products. Collections Ads support both images as well as video formats.

    Carousel Ads

    Nothing matches a carousel Ad on Instagram. Let your customers experience the feel of turning a high-quality catalogue, swiping through the sharp and clean images of your products.

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