Facebook undisputedly is one of the first social media platforms and this fact makes it synonymous to social media. It pioneered one of the historical evolutions of our times i.e., growing from ‘just social media’ to social media advertising.



    How Facebook Could Benefit my Business?


    Facebook has one of the widest reaches in the social media world. With around 2.23 billion active monthly users, it covers about 30% of the world population. The farthest reach of this social media platform gives your business an extensive outreach.

    Visibility Targeting Economical

    Ad Formats

    Facebook ads offer a great range of ad formats to reach to your audience. No other social platform has such an elaborate format range as Facebook does. The social network offers you formats such as


    Lets you promote your brand with high-quality images that make an incredible copy.


    The quick to load Ad format; Slideshow offers you the benefits of Video Ads at an economy.


    Messengers Ads let strike a conversation with your business. A great chance to get personal.


    To make your ad copy much more powerful, reap the benefits of motion and sound.


    Collection Ad format offers seamless browsing through your catalog without your customer being redirected anywhere.


    Format which has a try-before-you-buy feature.


    Gliding through 10 images or videos in just a single Ad makes conversion chances stronger.


    Since early 2017 Stories have been a widely used feature on Facebook. It now leverages the power of Stories through Stories Ads.

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