PPC Audit

An audit means a systematic inspection or scrutiny of any activity carried. A PPC audit is a process that reviews and analyzes your paid advertising results. It is done to understand the efficacy of a paid campaign in terms of ROI, cost, lead generation, sales etc.



    Do I need a PPC audit?

      Your PPC marketing objectives could range from lead generation to driving sales, from brand recognition to cost reduction, from increasing ROI to lowering cost per conversion. Irrespective of the objective, the bottom line is, a PPC campaign has to work to achieve the objective you have set.

      If your PPC campaign is not meeting the objectives, there is obviously something wrong with it. You might be handling your PPC account all by yourself or you have a PPC provider. To fix your PPC campaign you need not necessarily hire a provider or switch one. We offer to tweak your PPC campaign and realign it with your campaign objectives once again through extending our PPC Audit service.

      Our team of expert PPC marketers have a rich experience across all media channels such as Google, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn and more.


      How we audit your Google PPC campaign?

      Understanding Business & Industry

      Before starting with the audit of your PPC campaign, it is imperative to understand the background. We extensively understand your business, the ecosystem it works in, industry trends and the competition. Based on these insights we make a PPC audit strategy for you.

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