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Google is the most used search engine in the world. With 74.52% desktop searches powered by the behemoth search engine, it captures 93% searches made on mobile phones.



    Why do I need Google Ads?

    Brand Awareness

    Beyond the evident results of Google ads such as boosting traffic, clicks and conversions, they increase your brand awareness as well. According to a study, search ads amplified brand awareness by 6.6%.

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    How we devise a Google AdWords strategy for your business?

    Business Understanding

    As before conceiving any marketing strategy, it is imperative to understand the business and its dynamics for which it would be deployed. We thoroughly understand your business, industry and the nuances associated with it.

    Search Term Analysis & New Keyword Research

    We now analyze the search terms used by your potential customers on Google and along with it research new keywords which could accompany the search terms. This helps us in targeting the right keywords which results in better conversions and higher ROI.

    Defining Goals & Conversion Codes Tracking

    Depending on the goals you want to set for your AdWords campaign which could be generating leads, sales, visits etc. we apply conversion tracking codes to your AdWords account.

    Location & Device Bid Optimization

    Geographic, location and device reports in Google AdWords gives us insights on the user’s geography, his location and the device he is using. The information helps us in optimizing the bids and thus giving better results.

    Competition Analysis

    Competition analysis is a major part of formulating a paid campaign. We identify your competition and track their Ad copies, keywords they are using, budgets and locations their campaigns are running. These insights give us a better understanding to create a paid campaign.

    Target Audience Segmentation & Bids Management

    Based on the information we get from your AdWords account such as demographics, age, gender, interest, parental status, household income and more of your target audience we segment it. This segmentation helps us to optimize bids thus giving you better return on your investment.

    Ad Copy Split Testing

    Once we create Ad copies, we make variations to these, to test their performance. A/B testing tells us which Ad copy would perform better in the real-world.

    Weekly/Monthly Reporting

    We make weekly and monthly reports

    AdWords Account Audit

    Once your business goals/objectives are understood along with your website layout, we audit your AdWords account. In case you are new to Adwords, we create an Adword account for your business.

    Going through your Website

    The overriding objective of paid Ads is conversions. Successful conversions not only depend how appealing an action-driven an Ad is but also on the layout of your website. Landing page of the website, user interface and experience, navigation and many more such factors have an impact on conversions.

    Adding Extensions

    Through the years, Google has added features like extensions to make the Ads action-driven. There are several extensions available such as sitelinks, callouts, promotion extension, structured snippet, call and location which make your Ad actionable. We add extensions to your Ad copies based on your campaign objective.

    Why Our Clients Choose EvenDigit As Their Digital Marketing Company


    Is Google Ads right for my business?

    Google advertising works for almost every business, industry or sector. If you offer products or services that can be searched by people, then Google Ads is for you.

    Who does the Google Ads account belong to?

    The Google Ads account belongs to you. We manage and liaise but you get to keep your administrator access. Once the collaboration ends we give you back your Google Ads account.

    Do you have a Google Partner Badge?

    We are a proud partner of Google ads and this association is accredited by a Google Partner Badge.

    What is the minimum budget to run Google ads for my campaign?

    It depends. There are a few factors working in calculating the cost of your AdWords campaign. Auditing your resources and tools is important but what the most important part is to research how much the keywords will cost. This gives you an estimation of the overall cost of your campaign.

    Where will my Google Ads be shown?

    The Google Network has 2 main networks; Search and the Display Network. You can choose any of the 2 networks depending on your advertising goals and the ad type. On the Search Network, your ads will be displayed with the actual search results on Google, also on other Google properties such as Google Maps and Google Shopping, as well as partner sites that display text ads. On the other hand Display Network, display Ads are shown on platforms that are not text-based i.e. platforms such as YouTube, Gmail and other partner sites.

    Google Ads didn’t work for in the past why should I try again?

    There could several factors if Google Ads hadn’t worked for you in the past. The most likely one could be, probably there was a problem with the way the campaign was set up. The keywords you targeted weren't right or the campaign didn't have the correct structure. We analyse the data from your previous campaign and can highlight why your old campaign didn't work.

    How does Google determine the position of my ad?

    Google or any of its search partners makes an auction every time a search is made. An ‘Ad Rank’ is determined in this auction by comparing your keyword bids and your keyword bids and quality scores. This Ad Rank determines where your ad appears in the search results. You will actually only pay the amount required to combine with your Quality Score to produce a rank above your nearest competitor. In essence, your bids and the quality of your campaign are compared against your competitors to determine your position.

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