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Squarespace SEO services for a unique and unified search experience.

Our Squarespace SEO experts explore and experiment with the standard site and deliver the best out of it.
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    Why You Need a Squarespace SEO Company?

    It’s true that Squarespace websites are often claimed to rank higher on Google but, it all depends on the professional help you seek as many Squarespace SEO agencies tend to claim great SEO assistance but can hardly provide. Our Squarespace SEO services are beyond changing the settings and tags, and we have a holistic approach that includes optimizing your website, conducting fresh keyword research, and coming up with a well-defined strategy.

    If you have a Squarespace website with gorgeous templates, easy to use content management system(CMS), and a comprehensive set of features along with E-Commerce functionality then, switching to Squarespace SEO services to enhance its features is an excellent initiative on your part. Squarespace itself has a good guide as to what every site owner must do, which includes submitting your site to Google along with certain tricks to make your site search-friendly. But we understand that DIYers could not do everything on their own even they need a helping hand. Well, we lend them a helping hand and help them with keyword research as to what your audience desires for and tailor your website to these pain points.

    We have a team of professionals who could help you with designing and optimizing beautiful layouts so that your website lands on the top rank. If you want your website to get noticed by Google contact our Squarespace SEO experts and get a quote now!


    What You Should Expect When You Hire a Squarespace SEO Company?

    When you are looking for Squarespace SEO services, here are some key points that you must take into consideration.

    • Detailed research of keyword for E-Commerce products, categories, and services

    • Fixing issues with schema markup

    • Implementing Squarespace SEO to deal with technical issues in the website

    • Approach and measures to improve site speed of Squarespace

    • Comprehensive analysis of internal and external links

    • Conversion rate optimization

    • Content strategy that is successful at drawing people’s attention

    • SEO reporting in a comprehensive and detailed manner

    • Fixing issues with the URL, HTML tags, ALT texts, and complete optimization of images along with text

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      As a Squarespace SEO consultant here’s what we do to make your Squarespace site rank.

      Squarespace websites are known for their simple and effortless content management system, beautiful templates, and high end features with E-Commerce functionality. However, when it comes to Squarespace SEO services, many agencies come in for a bit of criticism as they lack behind due to certain aspects of optimizing it.

      If your existing Squarespace SEO website is non-secure we tread carefully and help you to switch to a more secure version.

      We follow a content strategy that includes the usage of high-intensity search terms that are relevant to your product or services.

      We register your website with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure it gets crawled by major search engines.

      As page speed is a major concern and fast loading speeds are given preference, we make sure that your Squarespace pages load as fast as possible.

      Our team of Squarespace SEO experts ensures proper formatting of page titles. Considering your page titles as the key piece of information which could help in better indexing of your page.

      We focus on adding meta descriptions to your home pages, regular pages, blog posts, and products. It encourages more click-through of your website which increases the CTR and could be a ranking signal.

      We ensure using clean and simple URL structures considering they contain relevant keywords.

      Building backlinks for your Squarespace website that contain relevant keywords thus acquiring healthy link juice.

      Adding ALT text to images and optimizing file names of your images that helps to categorize your images and context.

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