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    Why You Need A Magento SEO Company?

    Businesses that invest in Magento tend to grow 3 times faster as Magento reduces the cost owing to its flexibility and utility. Also, it’s versatility extends to the content, interface, and functionality of the website. Magento websites improve the online visibility over search engines such as Google for which these are to be optimized.

    Our Magento SEO services builds you a high-performance E-Commerce platform that gives a seamless browsing experience to the customers. Today, Ecommerce technology changes as fast as the E-commerce business dynamics. A Magento SEO company also needs to make certain changes to keep the website running effectively and efficiently.

    Our team of Magento SEO experts handle everything right from the maintenance to the optimization of your website to improve your visibility online. We follow the current market trends and align our keyword research precisely to it and thus we are able to project correct outcomes when you plan to diversify your new target audience.

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    What to Expect From Your Magento SEO agency ?

    Magento SEO services are designed in a way that results in a higher number of conversions. When you hire a Magento SEO company, you want more in terms of improved sales, increased product chatter, and higher revenue, rather than just increased traffic. As a Magento SEO expert, our services cover different areas such as :

    • Keyword research

    • Technical Magento website analysis

    • Website speed optimization

    • Content development strategy

    • Internal and external link building

    • Ecommerce conversion optimization

    • URL optimization

    • Detailed SEO reporting and a lot more….

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      Know How We Help You Set Up Your Magento Store

      Online visibility, traffic, and sales are three essential elements which are critical for any Magento store. Also, any Magento store needs to get the right amount of targeted traffic to reach its goals.

      Our Magento SEO services cover a range of elements of your online store and work through an excellent strategy.

      Our team of Magento SEO specialists conduct thorough keyword research.

      Optimize product images in an SEO friendly manner where we use alt text to describe images thoroughly.

      We stay updated with the latest version of Magento that helps keep your site free from bugs. Also, our Magento SEO experts work on enabling search friendly URLs.

      Duplicate content is a major issue that plagues Magento E-Commerce sites. We use canonical tags to get to the actual source of content and resolve the issue of plagiarism.

      Automatic generation of sitemap is something that Magento 2 doesn’t support. We use dynamic HTML sitemaps by installing the right extension or managing it manually.

      We minify javascript and CSS to keep the site’s code well organized and clean. Our expert team of Magento SEO audits the site’s code to resolve potential SEO issues and finds areas of improvement.



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