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E-Commerce industry saw a surge in the last 10 years. Today everything right from clothes to shoes, handicrafts to electronics, groceries to stationary is sold on the online marketplace.



    Why My E-Commerce Website Needs SEO?

    With the swarm of E-Commerce platforms in the market, there is a huge competition that built over the past few years. This competition is getting fierce with each passing day. As an E-Commerce business, apart from resorting to paid marketing means, it is imperative to rank up in the organic rankings, which in turn increases the chances of conversions. Here comes the need of E-Commerce SEO.
    To put things into perspective, 95% of web traffic does not go past the first page of search engine results.


    Multiple E-Commerce Platforms Built a Rich SEO Experience

    Our web developers and e-commerce SEO experts have worked with a wide variety of e-commerce platforms, both open source and hosted. Our experience with these platforms allows us to provide platform-specific SEO consultation and service on short notice.


    Platforms we have Worked on


    Zen Cart

    We are also happy to work with custom cart solutions.

    Our E-Commerce SEO Approach

    With every passing day, more and more businesses are coming on marketplace model. Every E-Commerce business is different and thus has a distinct set of challenges, goals and target audiences. We do an extensive research on the ecosystem of your E-Commerce business and understand its nuances. Secondly, we carry out a thorough competitive analysis.

    Other SEO Services By Us, Those Enrich Your E-Commerce Business

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Typically E-Commerce websites are highly goal-driven. These goals are conversions which could be any action defined by you such as buying, subscribing, requesting a quote and so on. A higher conversion rate means your website is driving a good amount of visitors into taking desired actions. We optimize your conversions by identifying the causes and thereby fixing the errors which are deterring the visitors to convert.

    SEO Health Checkup

    Do you want to know about the gaps and the loopholes in your E-Commerce website? EvenDigit is here for that. We run a thorough test on your E-Commerce website and flag all the areas of improvement.

    Optimizing with Conversion Funnel

    An e-Commerce website is a roadmap of the consumer journey. It is similar to a physical store in real life and just like a real-life store, it has several spots, at which a customer may abandon the buying decision. We optimize your E-Commerce website by integrating conversion funnel into the buying journey of the customer. This tells us exactly at which spots on the website the customer is deserting from.

    Review Management

    With the growing ventures in the E-Commerce industry, the customer journey has changed. Today, people do an extensive research on the internet before buying anything. A crucial chunk of this research are the reviews. We help you not only set up your E-Commerce business profiles across various review platforms but also manage them to build a strong trust for your E-Commerce brand.

      Why Our Clients Choose EvenDigit As Their Digital Marketing Company


      What are the benefits of E-Commerce SEO for my websites?

      • Increases the visibility of your products on search results 
      • Builds brand credibility 
      • Increases traffic to your online store thus increasing conversions 
      • Cost-effective
      • SEO’s impact is in the long term unlike paid campaigns where you stop spending, you stop getting the results. 
      • A positive profile increases conversions 

      Do you offer any rankings guarantees?

      It is impossible to offer ranking guarantees in search engine optimization as the competition is very high and no rank is static. EvenDigit.com deploys only white hat SEO techniques which are 100% transparent.

      How long it will take to see the results?

      SEO is a digital marketing strategy for long term and delivers the results gradually. So this cannot be answered in one line/word. The timeframe to see improvement in the results depend on different factors like the product range, target locations, competition and your current standings. Usually for less competitive product range and long tail keywords (low search volume) the SEO campaign would take 4-5 months after completing the On-Page recommendations including content optimization until you see any improvement in the organic traffic.

      How do you measure success in the SEO for an E-Commerce website?

      Measuring the success of an SEO campaign of your E-Commerce website majorly revolves around the growth in organic traffic to your website, the number of orders generated, increase in clicks and impressions.

      What does EvenDigit need from us as clients to achieve remarkable SEO results?

      As an E-Commerce venturer, you know your venture inside out. We would appreciate if you could in the first month help us understand the certain aspects of your business. Your business objectives, target audience/groups, unique selling propositions of your business and other important facts to help us define and structure a digital marketing strategy to best suit your E-Commerce venture.

      EvenDigit is a brand name owned by Systematix Infotech- A CMMI Level 3 Company.

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